Islamic Social Services Of Oregon State (ISOS)

Working together to help those in need to be self-reliant

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Food Drive

Annually, ISOS distributes food cards to those in need and especially during the 9th Islamic calendar month, called Ramadan, the holy month for Muslims when they fast and remember those in need.
In addition to the WINCO food cards, in 2016, Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) had provided ISOS with about 200 food boxes for Ramadan distribution. Ramadan Food Boxes

ISOS coordinated with the local mosques to pick up and distribute food boxes to those in need in their communities. About 1,179 people were served. In addition, ISOS was able to collect about $46,370 that went into WINCO food cards and distributed to those in need during the month of Ramadan. We hope to continue this wonderful trend of community support.