Islamic Social Services Of Oregon State (ISOS)

Working together to help those in need to be self-reliant

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Needy Assistance

ISOS collaborates with a network of non-profit organizations and community service groups to assist those facing periods of challenge in gaining self reliance through financial assistance and access to public assistance targeted to their needs and goals. Following are the primary areas of service rendered by ISOS:

Refugee Services:

Sponsors and assist refugees in acclimating themselves within a designated timeframe until they become self-sufficient.
Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) has awarded ISOS with $68,400 in 2017 to provide resettlement support for refugees in need.

Needy Assistance:

ISOS provides assistance when misfortunate occurs, such as inability to pay bills due to loss of income and family abandonment. ISOS requires those receiving assistance to be an Oregonian/SW Washingtonian resident; sponsored by another agency to validate the need and to provide a self sufficiency plan. Between 15-30 cases are served monthly. Majority of the cases are due to loss of jobs; domestic violence; insufficient disability funds; and refugee resettlement. Services are provided to both Muslims and non-Muslims in need. With the increase of housing rents, the need for subsidizing rent support has not only increased, but the average amount requested has at least doubled. Increases of requests are coming primarily from refugees. The state is struggling with the housing issue and how to best address it with the insufficient funds provided. With that issue, we also face an increase of requests to help those that are also non-Muslims from being homeless.

Family Crisis:

Assists as arbitrators and facilitators when family separation, dispute and death occur.

Oregon Food Bank (Providing Food for Those in Need):

ISOS is collaborating with Oregon Food Bank with delivery of food to the mosque on the last Friday of the month to conveniently serve those in need, including providing fresh produce. Locations of food resources are provided at: